Energy Sessions Package

Single Energy Session

           Energy Sessions intended to Release old Trauma.    Trauma had a clear definition of this:  "any emotionally disturbing experience or physical injury."         Energy session release trauma in the various layers around the electromagnetic energy field.   You don't feel anything,  during the session.   it is very relaxing.   It will help you reboot and feel lighter.
The inspiration behind my sessions is from a lovely couple from Sedona who taught me IET Energy Healing  and Ze'ev Kolman the bioenergetic healer.  I am also an IET master, and I was  Reiki attuned by the God mother of Reik Libby Barnett. 
Sessions are about 45 minutes.

74.00    Three is better, and it will help you get clarity.   Buy 3 for $ 195.00 
Sessions are done on a massage table.  Very relaxing, very beneficial.   You will clear trauma, feel lighter afterward.