Numerology Readings

               Brit's Got Your Number -   Finding Love By The Numbers

Finding love should be easier. Dating should not be so complicated. Finding lasting true love should also be easier.

Finally, a method that is proven to work, and is highly effective and accurate. Dating should not be such a mystery. Numerology decodes information and is always accurate. All numbers have information and tell a story. They will give you tremendous insight into yourself and others. 

Love By The Numbers will help you see your dating patterns and help you avoid the same pitfalls. Often we attract the same number and we don't even know it. 

Numerology is information, mixed with energy. It tells you so much about yourself and other people that you would have otherwise never known. Numerology has information which is powerful, deep, and highly accurate. Discover what numbers are more marriageable and which are not.  Which numbers work easier and which ones do not. Which numbers get along and which ones conflict.  A persons psyche becomes clear, as well as their challenge. Some challenges also work better with our own. 

All you need to know is a person's birthdate to empower yourself with Dating Numerology. You will get a feel for what type of person they are and how they make decisions. You will know if your numbers combine.  

This information will give you insight, and some insight into how you will potentially blend.  

I offer a Numerology service that will give you insight into the person in question. I also highly recommend that you get the basics down about your own personal Numerology. I will then combine the numbers.  


         ****Package one Your Numbers Only $44.00 -  A reading about your Numbers (the basic foundational numbers)

****Combination of your Numbers/ Your partners numbers - I will  record the reading $63.00                                

*****Quick Check - $14.00 - Check out the vibe of a person you want to date, just met, or are currently with. 

The quick check is a  "Quick Check" on the person. You provide the birthdate and I will give you an overview if it's worth pursuing. I do this 3 different ways. 3 methods that are thousands of years old. I will give you my insight based on all three. This is a great foundation in pursuing a happy, everlasting relationship.