It is an all level, Hatha style yoga class with a variety of standing poses. They are poetic and creative. We do things like sun salutations, step backs, warrior poses, and much more.  I weave in Kundalini Yoga. 

Breathe is so important.  We doing breathing in class various ways  to create permanent energy changes within us. I see our breath as a way in which we can create internal, life altering changes.  

The music in the classes is eclectic and unique, with plenty of Sitar music.  You never know what your will hear in class. BritYOGA offers a short breath sequence that will work your inner abdominal corset muscles .We will do this for a few minutes.  It is highly effective and one minute is the same as an hour of regular yoga.   

 You will learn to make a steam pump out of yourself to ignite a flame of life force energy. This will give you a great sense of joy and relaxation. It is the reset you have been waiting for your whole life. We will also do powerful meditations that are thousands of years old, to end the class. They dissolve blockages and barriers that are holding you back from being the best version of yourself. They are your blockages to finding joy. Coming to class often will put you on a whole new creative path. 

Arrive prompt and have an open mind and bring some water, and a mat.