Jeff Mach and friends, host the Steampunk Worlds fair. It is an annual event in Piscataway New Jersey. I was graciously asked to perform at this event. The Steampunk Yoga, and The Steampunk Numerology. 

I had the time of my life, and my life changed forever. An event happened, that created my business in Saratoga Springs. Suffice it to say, we all need to believe in miracles, and do our best work daily and make every day count. All good energy happens when we give freely. The more you give, the more the energy will flow withouut any constriction.   Creativity will always move energy.

This event was truly miraculous in a very long line up, on my life line. I will be grateful always to Jeff Mach and friends for hosting this event. I also know, I truly have an "earth angel," that just appeared in the audience at one of my workshops, and a very good friend for life. Mach events bring in all kinds of people that are very creative and uniquely inspiring.


These were photos from the Workshops, Yoga classes, and vending.  Great big fun.